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ISO16232-2007 Auto Parts Test Equipment Ultrasonic And Pressure Cleaning Collector

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Plywood Delivery Time : 40 days
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T Supply Ability : 10 set /month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: HeJin
Certification: Calibration Certificate(cost additional) Model Number: AM0039

Detail Information

Main Frame Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Industrial Profile Overall Dimensions: 1750 * 780 * 2000mm; 2050 * 900 * 2000mm(W * D * H)
Size Of The Cleaning Site Operation Area: 600 * 500 * 800mm / 900 * 700 * 800 (optional)(W * D * H) Size Of Ultrasonic Pressure Cleaning Tank: 300 * 200 * 200mm / 400 * 300 * 300mm (optional)
Main Control Display: HMI Human-machine Interface Ultrasonic Cleaning Frequency: 40KHz; Power: 200W
Cleaning And Test Pressure: 0MPa-0.6MPa Flow Range: 1.0L/min-5.0L/min, With 2% Accuracy
Gas Supply: 1200m3/h Exhaust Capacity: 400 M3/h
High Light:

ISO 16232 Auto Parts Test Equipment


Pressure Cleaning Auto Parts Test Equipment

Product Description

Cleanliness ultrasonic and pressure cleaning collector ISO16232-2007 Auto Parts Test Equipment


Products Introduction:

The equipment integrates pressure injection cleaning, cleaning agent online filtration recycling, and circulating fine filtration to synchronize parts cleaning and collect the particle pollutants on the filter surface, reduce the retention time of particles, subvert the traditional manual cleaning detection method, standardize the cleaning detection and control process and improve the efficiency of cleaning detection.The operation space of cleaning parts is relatively independent, with a built-in air laminar system, purify the cleaning operation environment, and configure the air screen isolation system on the personnel operation surface to effectively isolate the cleaning area and the external environment, and build a clean operation platform for cleaning and detection.The working pressure state of the equipment is shown in real time that the cleaning and detection pressure can be continuously adjustable, with different cleaning nozzles, for fast and convenient cleaning of the cavity channel, blind holes and overall surface of the parts, which is widely used in the cleaning detection of various auto parts.Auto Parts Test Equipment



ISO16232-2007 Road vehicles — Cleanliness of components of VDA19 Particle cleanliness test methods and elements

GB / T3821-2005 Small and medium power internal combustion engines-Cleanliness measurement


Products Introduction:

Air layer flow purification:

The equipment integrates the air transmission device with air circulation and filtration function.The fan inhaled the air from the top and filtered through HEPA, and the filtered clean air was delivered evenly at 0.45m/s ± wind speed of 10%, with constant and uniform laminar air.Form a thousand or 100 level clean space (ordinary laboratory air level is one million) in the cleaning working area to provide a good cleaning operation environment for parts cleanliness detection and reduce the impact of the external environment on the test results.


Automatic ultrasonic cleaning:

Ultrasonic vibration cleaning is the direct and indirect effect of ultrasonic cavitation, acceleration and DC inflow on liquid and dirt, so that the pressure and temperature regulation of 1012-1013pa, destroy the attachment of insoluble particles and make them differentiated in solution, and finally realize the effect of cleaning parts surface particles, cleaning effect is better than pressure cleaning, cleaning uniformity, the integration of the equipment, which can realize automatic ultrasonic cleaning and cleaning detection automation.

Pressure injection cleaning:

Clean the docking port with the pressure in the cleaning area and check the parts according to the preset parameters.Wash the spray gun with pressure and manually control the surface of the parts according to the cleaning procedures.Cleaning pressure, flow rate and Angle can be adjusted according to the specification.Auto Parts Test Equipment


Filter the sample online:

After cleaning the parts, the cleaning agent can realize synchronous and automatic filtration and recovery through the online filter, and timely collect the particle pollutants on the surface of the cleaning liquid to the detection surface of the filter film.No manual operation of the filter cleaning solution is required.


Fine filter cleaning agent:

Equipment uses special cleaning liquid, cleaning liquid is the carrier used to extract particle pollutants in the equipment. The cleaning liquid itself can not have the pollutants that affect the detection results data. The equipment integrates automatic precision filtration cleaning liquid function to ensure that the cleaning liquid is clean before cleaning parts, and its cleanliness can be checked by the terminal filter device.


Add the cleaning agent / replace the cleaning agent:

The internal loading capacity of the equipment shall not exceed 20L; the supporting cleaning liquid is automatically added to the equipment through the liquid outlet. Users can choose the added amount as appropriate according to the cleaning and detection requirements. When the cleaning liquid needs to be replaced, select the corresponding control button, open the cleaning liquid outlet, and the equipment shall automatically discharge the used cleaning liquid.Auto Parts Test Equipment


Work status prompt:

Display the current working state, current flow, total cleaning fluid, cleaning mode and other information in real time. The working state is monitored in real time. In case an error occurs, the equipment automatically stops working and sends alarm prompts, displays the current error information, and provides help methods for solving problems.


Cleaning parameter settings:

Cleaning pressure, flow parameters, cleaning time and cleaning mode, adjust the storage and cleaning parameters according to different cleanliness detection standards.


supplementary lighting:

Industrial grade explosion-proof LED auxiliary lighting, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliable, protection grade IP67.Auto Parts Test Equipment


Technical parameters:

Mode AM0039
Overall dimensions 1750 * 780 * 2000mm; 2050 * 900 * 2000mm(W * D * H)
Main frame material 304 stainless steel, industrial profile
Size of the cleaning site operation area 600 * 500 * 800mm / 900 * 700 * 800 (optional)(W * D * H)
Size of ultrasonic pressure cleaning tank 300 * 200 * 200mm / 400 * 300 * 300mm (optional)
Pressure cleaning operation room material 304 mirror surface stainless steel
Cleaning and testing parts

one stainless steel grille (thickness).


Travel of automatic lifting door of cleaning room 400mm; (power off and self-lock)
Length of cleaning operation protective gloves 360mm (standard with L number)
Main control display HMI human-machine interface
Ultrasonic cleaning frequency 40KHz; power: 200W
Cleaning and test pressure 0MPa-0.6MPa
Flow range 1.0L/min-5.0L/min, with 2% accuracy
Time setting range 0-9999 S
Part cleaning parameter storage 0-99 groups (default 12 groups, other storage quantity can be customizable)
Function mode selection ultrasonic cleaning pressure rinse and discharge
Stainless steel storage capacity 20L
Special solvent cleaning agent AP760
Precision of cleaning liquid circulation filter

0.2 m (two-level filtration)


Suitable detection filter membrane 47mm / 50mm
Air purification rate

99.995% HEPA efficient purification accuracy of 0.3 m


Suitable detection filter membrane 47mm / 50mm
Air purification rate

HEPA efficient purification accuracy of 0.3 m


Gas supply 1200m3/h
exhaust capacity 400 m3/h
Ventilation and exhaust pipe interface Ø100mm
Working power supply AC220V, 50Hz; power: 550W
Total weight approximately 450KG

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